Friday, 20 November 2015

Problems you will understand if you're a student fashion blogger.

Researching, writing, and exploring topics. Studying and blogging seem pretty similar right? To me, they are actually 'worlds' apart. Most bloggers start out at school, college, sixth form or uni, so I think there are many people that can relate to this.

Problems you will understand if you're a student fashion blogger. 
  • TO STUDY OR TO BLOG? This one is pretty obvious however it is a tough decision you sit down with a macbook. The urge to not click onto the blogger tab...

  • STUDENT NIGHT OR BLOGGER EVENT? The question I ask myself every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can wear dresses to both but not those new white, shiny stilettos where you can show them off at a press day or worry not break a leg at a student night. 

  • FUNDING AND MONEY."That new 'cosmetic product' would be perfect with this sponsored 'item'." We have all there, we've all said it. We are students, funding is little. Although toast and baked beans do not look great on Instagram. How about bacon and avocado bruschetta? 

  • THE PHOTO URGE. At the beginning of each academic year, we have the excitement of buying cute fluffy pens, pineapple printed texts books and many coffee mugs. (You get the idea.) Then when it comes to study and everything in-front of you.. the urge to feature your pretty study desk is real. 

  • MID ESSAY WRITING AND THE BEST IDEA FOR A POST POPS UP. The game of trying to focus, is a hard one to play. 



Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Advice to my younger self

I'm 19. But I have travelled, moved away from home, lived, loved and learned a lot from many people who have passed through and stayed in my life. 19 is a young age and I have so many things to come. However, I do think that around your late teens to young twenties, this is one of the most poignant stages of your life, because ALOT of things happen. 

Recently I have come to a great realisation about many things, this is both letting go of silly thoughts and appreciating whats good.

I also have had a great understanding that a percentage of Notes La Mode's readers are still in high school and may find this useful, (I sure would have!) If you're past this stage, then what would you tell your younger self?

1. You are on a journey, this means change. Do not be frightened to let go of friends, hobbies or routine. As each year passes, you'll notice a vast amount of change. This is normally a great thing, the more experiences, the more you are shaping you to be... you. 

2. Quality not quantity. I wish someone sat me down and preached this to me. I have always been so intrigued by people, fashion and many more things. It really is better to stick to a few things, that in the long run will be just as good when your 19. *cough, both friends and a fabulous hand bag that has lasted years. Call these investments.*

3. Do not follow crowds. The chances are the crowd that is deemed 'popular' will definitely not be the crowd you will want to associated with in a few years. Stick to you, stick to what you love and stick to your gut feeling. Do not be swayed but what society says is right.

4. Avoid people with closed minds! These people will always be around in every stage of your life. You really do not need this negativity. For me, people I know or 'friends' with closed minds actually hold you back. Working in the creative world opened minds are essential and for everyday life the most understanding. 

5. The place you grew up is small, the world is huge. Call this one, small town syndrome. Everyone knows everything and news spreads fast, but does that really matter. Gossip and rumours are only listened to by people who follow crowds or closed minds (See 3+4.)At the end of the day, the people who cause issues for you, will never leave this town. And one day you'll be sitting on a beach in bali thinking why you were even bothered.

6. Appreciate where you're from. So the last point was extremely negative, however you should appreciate the things you learn from where you grew up. I will never let small things from a small town taint my perception of my home town. Without those learning curves, you cannot be the 'you' today. Plus as soon as you move away you'll suddenly appreciate the small things your local area has to offer, such as barely any traffic, natural beauty and family.

7. Friends come and go. The true ones will stick by your side and be loyal. Friends can define you as a person and you will learn so much from them. But do not be afraid to let go of a couple of bad fish. But remember to treasure those who care. 

8. Follow what you heart thinks. This can relate of situation, what you study or choose to do with your life. My passion for blogging, writing and fashion, was my ultimate goal. My head told me this is risky to pursue, a lot of criticism, a lot of work. Four years later, it's life and I love it.  

9. What your parents say is actually right. From not taking a coat because your mum told you to do so, too hanging out with the wrong crowd too even what you take for A-Levels. Yes, they were right. A good thing to remember is everything you're going to do, good chances are they have done it. (Even if they tell you they haven't!)

10. Be humble and kind. Surround yourself by humble and kind people and do the same back. There is nothing worse than someone who isn't these things. 

11. Get out of your comfort zone. You will learn so much more. Being comfortable will never teach you anything, push yourself to do things you never thought you will achieve. 

12. Take Photographs of everything. This may seem like a typical bloggers advice but it's very important in your personal life. Keep snapping away with the camera, years will fly by and you'll treasure those memories when you least expect it. 

13.  And remember..Success means hard work. All the small things will add up.




Monday, 9 November 2015

5 Things to appreciate this Autumn

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Hyde Park in the Autumn. This is now my second anniversary of being a Londoner at this wonderful time of year and this is by far my most favourite place to come and explore. Although, it doesn't matter where you are in the UK or even world to appreciate the smaller things Autumn brings us. This post is a little reminder on the things that go unnoticed this season brings to our daily lives!

1. Pavements lined with colour! Photogenic streets brought alive by the golden tones of fallen leaves. There is really nothing better than crunching the leaves on your way to work or school. The small things in life <3

2. Conkers, because your never too old to have a little competition. It's free and will remind you of all those childhood memories. Also rumour has it, conkers defer spiders (but that's just a myth!)

3. The cold, crisp mornings. You may be thinking.... well this doesn't sound great. But it really is, especially if your a little hungover or just need a refreshing start to your day.

4. The hot drinks. From soups, to hazelnut hot chocolate (shout out to starbucks) or simply a good old latte! They taste even better to warm you up on a chilly start!

5. Wrapping up warm in your many layers of jumpers, knits, scarfs and thermals! Excuse to buy more? I'll take it! 

What else would you add to the list?


Friday, 6 November 2015

A Londoners Autumn

It was a cold, Monday morning. I had finally come to terms that summer was over and all I could imagine was dull, gloomy, overcast days. But on this Monday morning as I walked to the local tube station. I walked on pavements of gold. 
Not being born a Londoner but in fact a bit of a small town girl, Autumn to me naturally means muddy walks to school, cold sea air and colourful bedding of leaves of comfort my wellies. Well, in London it's a different story. But one, that is also so quintessentially beautiful. 
Busy coffee shops, cosy cafes, lines of white houses lit by the yellow carpet lining the streets. I noticed people escaped to the parks to see Autumn at it's peak. It's turns out Autumn really isn't that bad in cities. Infact it's now my favourite time of year in the capital. 

What better way to capture this wonderful time of year with Anita, The Stylish Cupcake, and Fortum and Mason

Wherever you are in the world or the UK, I hope you can appreciate Autumn as much as I have this year. 


Thursday, 5 November 2015

FLOGA | Gatwick Airport Exclusive Launch!

Healthy living doesn't not have to be a hard routine. We have all had weeks with no motivation or drive to keep our work/studying routines flowing while making time to focus on the health of your body and mind. This is a really important aspect of your lifestyle. 
A important part of my own lifestyle is travel. Both short and long haul flights or any aspect of travelling can have great effects on your body. Last Wednesday, Gatwick Airport hosted an exclusive yoga session to celebrate their new campaign... FLOGA! 
So what is 'Floga?' This is a term of flying (travel) and yoga! Gatwick launched this campaign to encourage travellers and holiday makers to relax and unwind before their journey. The international airport has created a private area to unwind with a 20 minute yoga exercise designed by celebrity instructor Shona Vertue
These images are taken from a wonderful, Wednesday morning event hosted in covent garden. The room filled with journalism and blogging talent. The 20 minute routine was certainly a de-stress and something I will definitely consider before being seated for a long haul journey. I really cannot wait to see the public using this facility that Gatwick has thought carefully about!  

This is excellent if you are a nervous flyer and hopefully the opportunity to relax your body will help take pressure of your whole experience travelling. To my surprise, Gatwick is not the first airport to add a new yoga facility. San Francisco International airport also has this thoughtful addition. I really love travelling and now there is something else exciting to add to my list. A Yoga lounge... in a airport? YES! 

See more coverage of the launch in the Telegraph and The Evening Standard. Yes, there is myself, in yoga attire in these papers. *EPPP**



Thursday, 29 October 2015


The Saatchi gallery, Chanel and Chelsea high street. What a perfect day to spend with her girls. In the words of the 'Mademoiselle Prive' official, this experience is;
'A journey through the origins of CHANEL's creations capturing the charismatic personality and irreverent spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.'
The Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen exhibitions have been breath-taking however I am 90% sure this West London experience will be the most blogged about fashion exhibition in 2015. I would describe this day among Chanel as 'treasurable, stunning and inspiring.' I do truly hope these images reflect all of the above to you. 

As you can see we made a full day out in Sloane square of this experience. From the 5 star cafe in the Saatchi Gallery, to the wonderful Patridges in the Duke of York Square. For myself and my two bestie blogger girls (Bethany Avenoir and The Stylish Cupcake.)

From learning about the origins of one of the fashion industry's most prestigious houses I would encourage you to pop by Chelsea, this really is a must see for fashion and style lovers. 

ADDRESS:Duke Of York's HQ, King's Rd, London SW3 4RY
DATE:Final Day 1st November!


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Over the Skyline

I am skyline obsessed! Recently I can not get my head around why on earth anybody wouldn't be. If I ever do recommendations on notes la mode, this one is the hitting top! If you live in London, please visit a skyline building and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city.
Recently you may wondering why I am sky garden obsessed. But this is just a perfect example of a stunning view of the city. The advantages of visiting here isn't just the obvious beautiful views... But a place to reminisce, think or be a social butterfly.
When I last visited the sky garden I explored with my closest friend for yoga and to relax. By taking time out of my normal routine (a mixture of fashion blogger lifestyle and bouncing between typical university student. ) I also discovered a amazing photography location over the city which gave this place a double bonus! 
This isn't the only place in London to see a beautiful sky line, have a look at some more casual places to see the sights at The Monument Skyline or  Primrose Hill Views

Or if your looking for a more glamorous experience try the quirky rooftop bars London has to offer! 

Enjoy your week xx

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