Wednesday, 22 July 2015

FOLLOW ME: South of France


Lakes, sun and relaxation. South of France has a magical and charming atmosphere, this is one of my favourite family holiday destinations. It was perfect to create my very first 'follow me' holiday vlog and incorporate my summer essentials. Let me know what you all think of this mix up... thought I would try something a little different! xxx


JULY 2015

July. I have had a very strange month so far with my social circle out of London and spread across Europe all back home with their families or travelling. The beginning of the summer holidays and the jumble of what, where and when to do things. For the last few years I've always been lucky to 'bag' plans in advance or have a idea of the year. But it's quite refreshing being in London, where the next week could bring a completely different to what you expected. 

While searching for weekday part-time work, now studying is through until late September(yay for students!) I have been shooting and collaborating with some of my favourite brands and photographers. It's been lovely to have some time out to figure out exactly what it is to do. How has July been for you? 


Friday, 17 July 2015

Home is where the heart is

However old or wherever I travel in the world, home will always be the most comfortable and relaxing place of them all. And no, I do not live on a beach like in these photos, but it's pretty close this location. I always think you matter how far you travel, your routes, dreams and memories trace back to that one special place. 
My interest for the fashion industry began when I lived in a this small seaside town. I always craved the cosmopolitan lifestyle in London and never-resting city life. Now having that daily routine, the peaceful, countryside breaks are a luxury. It's ironic how when you live somewhere, 'the grass is always greener on the other side.' 
Although what has travelled back with me from London is my developing style. Simplicity goes much further. CHIC HANGERS LONDON* is one of my new favourite brands, their collections are elegant and feminine, I have been so lucky to be feature one of their items! A particular dress that I felt encompassed my style and the ethos of Notes La Mode was this simple, satin dress. With definitely a party in the back with the new summer trend, with a cross over back. I paired this with my RIVER ISLAND HAT + SHOES that I bought for my holidays. 

What is your ultimate summer OOTD and where are you originally from?

Let me know in the comments <3 xxx


Thursday, 16 July 2015

How to be bold in beige

Brought to us by sophisticated fashion trends and signature luxury brands. Beige and cream the colour of chloe, Burberry and Prada. 
These brands have stylists and some of the world's most talented designers to create unique and draw-dropping outfits. Runway products. Unique and quirky. 
So, how do you make beige items that are beautiful and understated, a head turning outfit? How do you style beiges and browns but not create a boring look?
These simple three styling tips with Megz Fashion products should help you be on your way to be an ultimate street style sensation. 

1. SHAPING. Use your outfits to shape a flattering figure, look into high quality brands like Megz Fashion who are a feminine clothing brand. Here you will find outfits of many styles to suit you. What fits well, will look good. 
2. LAYERS. Do not be afraid to layer your clothes. WE love texture and details. Beige can be plain, but layered with other similar colours and materials. Have a look at how I styled my look above. My overcoat and dress have related features however the collar and pockets of the jacket is a pinnacle point of the look with black leather.  
3. HAIRSTYLE AND MAKEUP. To be able to create a great outfit, it is not just the clothing that adds interest. Other contributors such as your choice in hairstyle and makeup. Now you can decide if you best suited to a casual, messy look or chic and smart. As always I pick wavy beach hair, tanned and natural makeup. But you can be bold in beige in your most comfortable and unique way too. 



Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer vacations. What to pack?!

Hello June. Hello summer. And hello to the holidays!
This year I've had troubles figuring out what I need for holidays so I have saved you girls the panic. I have put together a key products list to make sure you've ticked off those key items. 


Argon Oil of Morocco £5

The product that became extreme popular within the last year and is becoming so well known. Due to the amazing effect it has on your hair!It works well as a hair moisturiser and conditioner. The treatment can work on spilt ends and tame frizzy hair. Great in hot weather? I think so! My favourite oil on Amazon
   Sun cream £9
The best summer essential. It is extremely important to have any sun cream but my favourite is Piz Buin Allergy Lotion F15. My whole family and most of my friends use this product, as its light and for sensitive skin. Most sun creams are thick therefore block your pores and as a result you will become spotty. So this little product is a summer angel! 

Moisturiser £8.50
OR after sun, they both work and refresh your skin after a long day in the heat. Banana Boat Aloe Vera contains vitamins E preserve and even better rumoured to expand your tan! I find that this product is non greasy and refreshing after a day in the heat. The lotion works to sooth dry and damaged areas while cooling your temperature down. 


BOOKS. Reading is one of the best relaxations methods and escape from your busy world and day to day routines. My top two favourite reads for my 2015 holidays are Paris street styling and Alexa Chung's IT. 

SUN-HATS. Protect yourself from the sun kids! But, seriously. Hats are a great way to cool yourself down while sunbathing and protect your face and head from the UV rays. I love my fedora hat from River island, it's great to wear while reading by the pool as it 
shades your book from the sun. 

 FLASH TATTS. Fun, colourful and quirky. + look great with a tan! You can pick these up for free when you sign up to Style Moi

COMFY SHOES. Heels and wedges are great for the cosmopolitan look  on holiday. But lets be realistic. You can't go on the 10k kayak or play tennis (very well) in height. So make sure you pack practical sandals and flip-flops! 

CAMERAS.Capture all your holiday memories.You can tell a million stories in one photo and it's great to share with family and friends. Here are my holiday camera recommendations including the new go-pro for the more adventurous type!
Check out my new vlog to have a peak into my favourite swimwear pieces this season! 


As well as all the unique and quirky bits to pack make sure you also remember the most important key things such as more clothing, passport, insurance ect hehehe.

Hope you liked this post and let me know if you have a great holiday essential that is worthy of a mention!!

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