Sunday, 16 November 2014

OOTD's of November

Dress:Red Label
Accessories: Topshop
Location: Richmond Park
MUA:Livi Preuss 
Festival season is officially over this year and winter has arrived! Last week Oxford streets light were switched on in central London and all 2014's christmas ad's were released. So this post officially ends this season and introduces the next!

 I am still on a festival hype and have a bucket list of things to do in 2015's summer. I'll release a little more throughout the next month! Thinking ahead, check out what Red Label has to offer for next summer. This will be much cheaper and efficient way of finding a fab festival wardrobe, without any rush! The brand encapsulates the vibes of summer with fun and flirty items perfect for festivals. 

Dress: TFNC
Location:Richmond Park
MUA:Livi Preuss

It's end of a season. Think Autumn colours. From nudes, browns, golds and dark reds.  As tanning weather is over, natural bronzed colours like these will help achieve and healthier glow. Avoid bright and bold colours if your similar to myself and prefer to still look bronzed. For example bright red can pale out your completion whereas burgundy can neutralise this! 

The TFNC dress featured in the second set of the November OOTD's, is a perfect example of using shades in clothing to an advantage. Within the set I have no tanning product on my skin and to top this natural light creates a more pastel look, however the burgundy has balanced out the tones. 

Within this set I tried out a new look with Livi Preuss, both photographer and MUA. Livi created Autumn smokey eyes and natural tones on my skin to boost the eye colour. This was a fab change to my daily routine where I tend to use more lip colourings than focusing on one feature! 

Hope you all have a great week.


Friday, 7 November 2014


Two Piece:USC
Fur: Thifted in Rome
Shoes: Fashion Union
Location:South Kensington 
Coffee house:Le Pain

In September Vogue celebrated their Fashion Night Out over Oxford Street in London. I was honoured to be invited to a few exclusive openings of stores and collection features. USC have a stunning a/w series for both men and women! I was delighted to receive this gorgeous monochrome two piece, exclusively from this seasons collection. So thank you very much USC. Be sure to pop into their new store on Oxford Street guys! 

During the exploring days with Anita from My Stylish Cupcake, we ventured around South Kensington. We ended up for lunch at Le Pain which turned out to be one of the best little French Cafes we have found so far in the French District. We soon discovered this little diner only served organic foods and all the dishes were extremely quirky. From extra large slices of bread to 'make your own' hot coco. This was the perfect food outlet for the rainy day in central London. 

Visit Le Pain here. 



Playsuit:chiara fashion
Belt: Thifted in Paris

 Anita and I love exploring the local areas by our university.  South Kensington is the french district of London, lined with grand white houses and endless history. The V&A museum is one of our favourites, you will notice this has been featured a few times on both our blogs. The V&A is a place that can revisited countless times and still be a fab day out!

Today I wandered around in a classic, black playsuit from chiara fashion.  Figure hugging and flattering. This simple piece is both elegant and casual! I paired this with my vintage fur thifted at a market in Rome alongside my fedora hat (which I seem to be living in at the  moment.) The playsuit has a layer of chiffon which creates a floaty effect, a bonus to this material is that when washing the creases will just fall out when hung. Chiffon is ideal for us university students when the iron is scarce!

Location: V&A

All I can say to new comers to London is explore.
It is not just museums which hold stunning gateways into history and art.



Skirt:Red Label
Tote Bag:Sezane
Location: V&A Museum
Anita's Hat:Indiska
Anita's Top:Topshop

South Kensington is the home to many iconic museums, including fashion and textile museum the Victoria and Albert (V&A.) Anita and I jumped at the thought of spending a rainy Sunday wondering around the museums grounds. South Kensington is also the home of Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Currently the V&A  are holding a exhibition of Wedding Dresses 1775- 2014 from key fashion designers. If you are ever around the area, please pop in, it is a stunning collection worth seeing before it closes in March 2015! 

My OTTD were the two important c's: casual and comfy. The shaping of the top from TFNC gives this look edge, with the high neck and straight cut sleeves and crop. This is a new trend which has appeared in high street fashion over the past few months. The trend transforms simple into statement. I paired the monochrome piece with a wooly knit, grey skirt from Red Label.  This certainly gave me the winter feeling. 

Top tip: If you are ensure on how to pair your outfit together i.e. a top and skirt. Choose a colour featured from one of your desired pieces and match this to your second item. 

Hope you've all had a fab week & firework night!


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Reminiscing on the summer

Reminiscing on the summer 

Photographer:Taken Photography
Location:Kensington Palace
Clothing:Topshop-Oxford Circus
MUA:Lisa Fahey
Autumn has arrived! So this may be the last post embracing the simple crop top and skirt combination. Of course, if you are Australian, I for one, am extremely jealous you're heading into summer. This is by far my favourite season. However winter is much better for styling as there are much more clothing options by layering. The textures, colour and different warm fabrics can come out of the closest! I hope this has made us Brits feel a little happier. 

The summer collections have been stunning this year with a excellent showcases which can be seen from the high street to reminiscing on the spring/summer runways. My outfit within this set of images with Taken Photography displays a style which I adopted throughout the summer. 

The crop top. Although this is a common high street trend, they can be styled or found in a variety of different looks. This particular piece from Topshop ties at both the chest and bottom, this creates great shape for the body. Lisa Fahey, the stylist and photographer, paired the item with a denim skirt with embroidery around the hem. Both items can still be found online, if you're heading into summer I recommend the new collection, 'Hotshop,' the link can be found here. 

Closer to my new home of Roehampton Uni, I have a new role as president at our brand new society RU FASHION. This is a new society for anyone who appreciates and is interested in the fashion industry and related topics! 

You can follow us on our blog <<<

This is our creative outlook including the photos from events, street style on campus, fashion tips and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have any input as all suggestions are welcome, we hope to be a growing society through out the year. The more people, the bigger events, so spread the word and share this page with your friends.

Have a great week! 
Love G.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

OTTD's & life of a Journalism Undergrad.

OTTD's & life of a Journalism Undergrad

I've began the next stage of education and am growing accustom to living away from home. I could be enjoying university more. If you haven't heard of Roehampton, it is in the South West of London about 20 minutes away from the iconic and central areas. Roehampton is beautiful. The campus consists of lakes, grand houses and greenery! Making London feel more homely. 

Here I am studying Journalism and hopefully to specify in fashion where I can. So far I would recommend this course to anyone, an extremely challenging aspect of this is the module in Shorthand. MY OH MY. This could possibly be one of the hardest linguistics I have studied. But the challenge has been accepted! For any aspiring journalists, shorthand is said to be essential and this can make you more appealing to particular employers. So if you are looking into university courses, have a look into the shorthand module opportunities! 

Since the craziness of freshers week, I promised myself to be healthy and detox as much as possible. Within the campus coffee shops, Naked smoothies are only £2. Thank you to whoever made that possible. My personal favourite Naked smoothie is the Blueberry Machine, however all types count as one of your five a day! Not only this but Kettle Vegetable chips have become one of my top guilty pleasure foods alongside the classic uni dish, tinned peaches. I would like to argue these are the healthiest snack options, maybe not. 

Most of these snaps above, you may recognise from my Instagram, this will be my main feed of my daily antics! 

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