Monday, 13 April 2015



A short message just to say thank you to the support I have received from Lookbook. Celebrating over 14 thousand fans! 

This is where my blog began and I hope to have many more years on this platform. I have recently just launched my new Youtube channel and throughout the weeks will be uploading my fashion, lifestyle and travel adventures. 

See below for my new upload on my home town in Kent and a behind the scenes of an editorial with my close friend Amy Pepper. 





The inspiration to keep blogging comes from what is around us. The business of London to the quiet country lanes. I am inspired by the feel, atmosphere and beauty of somewhere. Personally I find beauty in hidden places, new ideas and personality. 

It is only until you travel and move away that you realise how beautiful your local area can be and appreciate it for what it is. I move between Kent and central London often and am lucky to find the pleasure in my surroundings in both. I have featured many OOTD's in the small town lanes and also in London's most well known and secret locations, but I still cannot get enough of Pergola and Hill gardens in Hampstead Heath (North London.) 

I will find more locations similar to this one, I love to hang out in these unique little areas and it is just a bonus that the location can emphasis the beauty of the clothing! 



I wander around London always looking for new locations to blog and write. Today I found a secret coffee location called Latte Matte in Ealing. Very quiet, peaceful and easy to work. As it's in the name I decided to try out there Latte's that was a tasty treat to type up a few posts! 

'The White Look' is a favourite of mine. I photographed this with Cansu Ozkaraca at Pergola and Hill gardens in Hampstead. Originally I was going to name this post, 'blossoming into season,' as the nature was becoming more colourful and protruded against the white of the dress from Chiara Fashion.

Using white creates a simple, pure and feminine look. Easy to achieve and basic to put together. White dresses have now overtaken little black dresses in my wardrobe. I much prefer piecing outfits together with white, much more goes... it feels summery and airy. 



Thursday, 9 April 2015


We are not the original generation of crop tops and cropped shorts(as it began in the 80's) but we have certainly put this style to use. 

Finally. Summer is near! Hunt for those summer items that you bought last season and reuse them, you never know, those forgotten pieces could now be your favourite. Or refresh your style. 

I have always been an Urban Outfitters fan and annually they bring out a new coloured cotton shorts that I grab in the first few summer months. Last year I could be found in the white and as 2015's were released the burgundy version has made an appearance. I loved there choice in colour this season, here I paired my new loved ones with a white crop from Yoins that originally was apart of a midi skirt co-ord set. 

So it may be warmer but not yet summer, so this little detailed cardi from Chiara Fashion was a top idea when it began to get a little breezier throughout the day. This outfit was very casual and fun to wander around Pergola gardens with my wonderful friend and photographer Cansu Ozkaraca

Notes La Mode has finally expanded on platforms, you can now find me Youtube! I have begun to create small videos from rants, fashion hauls and travel documentaries. So far I only have one uploaded to see how this goes, I really hope you guys and girls like this. Let me know your thoughts <3 



Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Pearl pink at Pergola

London has so many hidden treasures from art galleries, exhibitions to gardens. Pergola and hill have been one of my favourites. At the heart of Hampstead Heath it has a very special feel that does not seem like the rest of the capital city. The houses, public areas and shops are quirky and classy. Everything is well decorated, I always am enticed into the visual appeal of area and the rest of the experience is just a bonus. I will definitely return to this secret garden location within the summer months when the location will be alive with colour. 

Today at Pergola and Hill Gardens I explored in a pearl pink midi dress from Chiara Fashion with Cansu Ozkaraca. The dress seemed to be neutralised by the surroundings but nevertheless still a simplistic statement. Styling wise I decided to not go over the top and keep the look basic with long curly hair and the cut out shoulders panels added an extra unique touch. The style of this dress is perfect for spring days, it gave me warmth and comfort while maintaining a chic look. 

Hope you liked this simple OOTD at Pergola! This look will soon be on Lookbook!


Saturday, 4 April 2015


A different post to the usual 

A lover of fashion photography but a obsessed with conceptual. Photographs can sometimes tell a story better than words, it is art in it's best form.

I have never felt more honoured than being apart of Cansu O Photography conceptual work. We always work on fashion; colourful, bright and quirky. It portrays the fashion world that bloggers are associated with. I am confident to admit sometimes it can be a false illusion. 

Outside of blogging is the real world, growing up, experiencing and learning. I try to have a healthy balance, although I do find myself lost in the glamour of the industry and on occasions I have to remind myself on my home-grown routes and my own beliefs. 

The reality is, that there is so much more to life than we can imagine. We find ourselves lost in our own daily routines, habits and emotions. It can be hard to forget the outside picture. I think this is a 'stuck in box syndrome.' We all are prone to it.  

I have never had the confidence to post a heart felt feature but this moving creation from Cansu  triggered a inspiring and new insight of my blog. I found it bizarre to see myself in a different light, to be apart of art. 

As my mind wandered over the metaphorical meanings to this image (reminding me of GSCE English,) I realised how one form of art can relate to endless meanings and happenings in life. 

For me, I felt that I represented moving on and forward. The nerves. A student studying in London with the position of travelling and launching a career. 

When receiving this image from Cansu I also opened an email confirming my place at Deakin University in Melbourne. So now the image reminds me that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. I am so excited to start my adventures in Australia for 7 months starting in December. 


(I would be delighted if anyone knows of Melbourne bloggers, photographers and creatives, to link there page below! Love to be introduced! Thank you!

Burberry Blue

Pastel blues, white trees and lighter hair. The season of spring is moving so fast that today I could feel the presence of English summer time. 

Today I met with Cansu O Photography, I was delighted to be her first fashion shoot of 2015. Our collaboration routine is normally annual or twice a year. So I was rather excited to see the difference from these photos to the previous, as I felt I've matured and grown tremendously in the space of a year. 

Recently I have lusted for secret locations in cities, places that are not famous or well known. In a city like London, this is hard to come across. Although, after a hour of google research on beautiful gardens or secret locations, I stumbled across Pergola and Hill gardens in Hampstead Heath. 

People say, photos always look better than real life. I could have argued more against this when wandering around the gardens. Like Alice in Wonderland, inside the gardens felt like it didn't end. Endless strange plants, grand features and small doors leading to more gardens. My wonderful photographer and I were so excited and felt spoiled with choice on where to set up. 

Features at Pergola that captured our attention were the white trees and flowers that themed the gardens. Against my look of the day, my vintage Burberry co-ord set, the trees and flowers elevated the pastel blue colour. I was adamant to capture the beauty of this two piece as it's one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. 

This Burberry London two piece will be a timeless classic to my collection of clothes. I purchased this outfit when looking for prom dresses at Westfield's, it caught my eye in a designer vintage shop.

I soon discovered it was previously owned by the showgirl and wife of Billy Smart who was a famous British cirques performer and ringleader. His wife had passed away and relatives were selling her designer wardrobe. All the pieces were weird and wonderful. But the two piece was something I couldn't walk away from! 

It has taken me a while to share this on Notes La Mode but I am very glad I waited for a time to shoot at such a unique, secret location that matched the beauty of my Burberry Blue set.


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