Friday, 23 January 2015


SOLSINE: Noteslamode's first music feature

Wearing: Miss Guided

Ben Johnson and Raphael Zak is the duo behind Solsine, a new up-and-coming producing group with an extensive musical range. Performing together with several vocalists and a rapper, the project has quickly become a group of people who have all “networked together”, as vocalist Nadine describes it. “All of us have a really lively, vivacious and upbeat personality. It is like being apart of a family.”

Their musical style  ranges from drum & bass to house. Ben shares that “as producers it gets boring if you make the same style all the time” and that he himself gets bored with sticking to “one specific thing.’’ Solsine’s performances display a collabration of all their genre styles, Raphael explains that his favourite to play  drum and bass because its ‘‘so high energy.’’

Others have compared them to English electronic bands such as Chase & Status and Rudimental, which they see as a huge honour. Ben thinks that the reason they get compared to them, is that their sound is “quite mixed up”. He explains that “Chase & Status is across the board, and Rudimental can be different styles.’’

With all of the members growing up with different musical backgrounds, their sound gives a collected charactarazation of the groups personalities. Each of the members have worked in the music industry for different periods of time and several of them grew up in musical families. Solsines rapper, Santego, grew up with a dad that used to DJ when he was younger, and he was “constantly surrounded by hip-hop since [he was] taken out of the hospital.’’
Vocalist Nadine also grew up in a musical “loud and upbeat family,’’ and she plays the piano, violin and guitar, in addition to singing. She giggles that “one of my first memories is singing into a washing machine drum.’’

Ben and Raphael have also been making music for numerous years. At least for 15 years Ben has been making music, “back before mac’s existed.’’ Looking into the techinal side of producing Raphael explains that they now “rely soley on Mac’s”, in addition to using their phones.

“The amount of phone recordings I have just humming”, Raphael explains, and then adds that his very first phone recordings of him ‘humming’, now are nearly finished tracks. Technology has also made it easier for the producing-duo in the sense that it is not necessary with a big studio anymore. As Rapheal explains, the music, ideas and production ‘‘really is alive.’’

Since starting their project mid 2014, Solsine has already played numerous live shows around the London area, in addition to playing at the “Ibiza Rocks Bar”, a place where they would love to go back. As a mutual feeling towards all contributers to Solsine they feel the shows are just getting better and better. Being surrounded by the Solsine team, it is very clear to idenfity the close community they have founded. Nadine expresses how they all, ‘‘Conspired to get together, there was one magnet in the middle and we all just...’’ *claps.*

Only being in the first weeks of January, a lot has happened already for Solsine. Live shows in Camden and Hackney were this years first, continuing with their Circle EP Launch Party at the Social, the 17th of January. Following their launch, they will have a small Circle EP Tour in the London area. 

Looking even further into their future, Raphael says they have a lot of unfinished songs, that they need to get down to completing.  “‘Ben and I are currently sitting on 50 tracks that we need to finish, a lot of them we need to get vocals but we’ve got ideas for them or in their first stages.’’ In addition, there is more talk of a new album during 2015, as vocalist Nadine and rapper Santego ellude to while giggling, unsure if they should share with us the exciting future plans.

Over the course of the few hours we had spent there, the little basement bar at The Social went from crowded to completely packed. When the subtle men and sparkly dressed women of Solsine entered the stage, the crowd roared in excitement. As the show went on, the crowd enjoyed their drinks and light danced over peoples faces, all the way to the end.

Before the show, Ben told us that “we tend to play our drum and bass towards the end [of the shows], because it leaves on a high,’’  which seems to be well recieved at yet another show tonight. The crowd dancing, screaming and jumping, it looks like yet another great gig for Solsine.

Being a big group of people working together, or “a family” as they all describe themselves, they all work with projects of their own on the side. Collectively they have a lot of achievements, such as writing a song for Rudimentals latest album, supporting Laura Mvula and Ella Eyre on tour, and currently being one of the contestants on “The Voice.’’

We expect to see the name ‘Solsine,’ in many more places, and as Nadine shares ‘‘We are gathering momentum. It’s that ball of moss idea, of a rolling stone going down a hill. It’s really weird as one thing starts to happen, we just keep picking up and picking up.’’

Check out some Solsine’s Instagram: @SOLSINE

Written, Reviewed and Edited by both myself and Anita Fosen from The Stylish Cupcake.



Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Top (Above): Front Row Shop

With all the buzz about the city recently featured in songs (George Ezra) and Wes Anderson movies. Over Christmas my family ventured over to the city which was quite like no other. 

In December the Hungarian capital should be under at least 3 feet of snow, although the sun lit up the streets for the whole week we visited. From architecture and history to bars, I had no idea how such a compact city had so much to offer. 

My 21 year old sister are complete opposites in both appearance and personality although we share the same lust to explore and travel. Katie has always had a love for history and all things old whereas my mind was more focused on vintage clothes and adventure. 

Although we are opposites, she has taught me a lot which I am extremely grateful for. One of which is to appreciate my surroundings and ensure to take all opportunities available. The thing is all attractions from ancient libraries, underground tunnels to thermal spas, were available. So Katie's agenda consisted of EVERYTHING. I'm thankful for it now instead of a relaxing experience, just wandering, as I really got to experience all what the city has from then to now.

I am a lover of art, both modern and old. The first attraction we stumbled into looking for coffee and some Hungarian dishes turned out to be the national gallery. One of my favourite moments by far! Alongside the szechenyifurdo thermal spas, simply incredible in the  daytime but breathtaking at night, as the staff lit the waters up. What I found most interesting is that it's open all year, from sun to snow. Here I was able to feature my Triangl swimwear gift from last summer while my sister rocked the 2014 River Island collection. 

Hope you enjoy the selected photos from this little Christmas travel. 

Happy New Year 



A R T Y & F A S H I O N

Crop Top:Topshop
Two floral two piece:Flying Wardrobe
Location:Crystal Palace
Photography:Haylee Soma

Mixing art and fashion together was one of my favourite collaborations since the start of blogging. Throughout my journey into the fashion world, i've learnt that opportunities to do come exploring and meeting future contacts in the strangest and most bizarre places. This one began in my universities laundry room.

If you're a student you'll understand that rainy days are catch up on reading or washing. Just by chance Hawaiian photographer Haylee Soma decided this was also her days plan. Roehampton is a stunning university and normally fully equipped but on this rainy day, two out of the six washing machines were working. So around the complaining to fellow clothes washers, Haylee and I's conversation emerged that we both were in the same industry with the same goals and interests. 

Since our random meeting, Haylee proposed a collaboration around the busyness of our degrees and personal work. Here I was introduced to the extremely talented Hannah Adamaszek, her work is nothing like i've seen before so please check it out, it is just wonderful. Our master plan was to shoot together and recreate the paintings using myself. I couldn't begin to explain the excitement as this was nothing like I have done before. No OOTD's, no small cafes. But mixing together art and fashion photography! 

We set of to Crystal Palace where Hannah had walls of street art which lit up the alleys. The three of us used our creative minds to produce Haylee and Hannah's vision. Turning a small side street into a photography haven. Both girls are so talented so please show you're appreciation and check out both their pages (linked above.)

Hope you enjoyed this very arty and different post.




Photography:Robyn Marks
Camera:Olympus Pen

OOTD: Monochrome! Normally I love mixing colours and statement looks but roaming around my little town I was quite comfortable in a basic white top, black shorts and wintery socks. Sounds basic right? This was one of my favourite looks.  Front Row Shop white top had a gorgeous feature which i've been eager to share. Simplistic at the front but folds open at the back, with the wintery look it adds an interesting focal point. Definitely keeping my eyes pealed on the market for another key item like this one! Bravo Front Row! 

Introducing Olympus Pen: 

Not one for posting about my Christmas gifts, but this little beauty is certainly worth mentioning. After months for debating whether to invest in a new camera and what would be most suited to a blogging lifestyle, Christmas concluded my decisions! My adventures will now be captured on my Olympus Pen. 

I felt that it's important this as I am so pleased with the new addition. As well as being a stunning frame, white and grey with that vintage feel. The camera quality is unreal. For now this is only an introduction but I will be reviewing the item in the next few months after I've made good use and hands on experience with it at fashion week! 

As always I wanted to try out a few snaps using the Olympus Pen before a student night with two of my closest. (See Below)

Have a fab week. 


Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Photography:Robyn Marks

HEY 2015! 

I have begun this year in my home town on the English Coast, which is very different to city life. Long dog walks through the countryside, hidden coffee shops and meeting old friends in little pubs. I am extremely grateful that my dad allows me to have a extra wardrobe at home with my more country pieces stored away.

When I was thrift crazy (tamed myself down a little now) I bought a thick sheep skinned jacket from a uniques fair in Maidstone Kent. Extra, extra large and some would say far to big for my persons. But I was in love. Therefore welcome to my wardrobe. We've all been there! 

It's such a fab item for cold days when you're exploring the countryside as it features deep pockets and comfort. Minus the pockets but another favourite featured in this shoot with Robyn, is my two piece from Flying Wardrobe.  I've always been so in love with the two piece trend and this was a beautiful gift a few months ago. Unfortunately i've been unable to show you a full set of images until now but it was so worth the wait! 

Something to love about the striking yellow is that is was so different to anything i've owned and worn. You'd think it would be hard to pair, but the shaping and colour on black created a quirky look with anything. For example in London it's great underneath a smart cream coat and back on the coast, a thick sheep skinned jacket. Two completely different styles using the same pieces. 

This year try to find something you wouldn't normally choose and be pleasantly surprised. I sure have! 




Photography:Robyn Marks

Goodbye festive season! 2014 had treated me very well and Christmas wrapped up the year delightfully. This was my first visit back to my small home town from living in the capital city of London. It came to my attention how different life is from city to town and this has  reflected on my style. Less florals to more monochrome, i'm undecided whether its the fact our style develops as we get older or my surroundings influenced how we would like others to see us. 

This one thing with fashion is that we have the power to change how others see us. I think it's takes time for a person to really find their individual style. At high school and sixth form I was convinced that I was dressing to what I felt had captured 'me' but  in reality it was a stage of exploring. 

Noteslamode, allows me to scroll through my years of blogging and see how my style has developed. Not just for pure interest. But now i've identified for my body type and style suits myself the best. Although you do not just have to be a blogger to do this, check out you're own Facebook/twitter photos. You never know what you might want to dig out of your wardrobe again! 

This photoshoot style: 

One of my most used items is this long sleeved grey dress from Yoins.  From day to night it is perfect for a casual to dressy look. 

Daytime wise: I paired this with thick winter socks, scarf and boots. The dress itself is simplistic which is one of my favourite trends. However the feature tied in the middle creates a great focal point and is also flattering for most body types as it's tightening the waist. 
Nightime: Take off those winter items and replace with a nude or black pair of heels. 
Being a student, blogger and explorer. For me this is a great item when I never have time to stop and get ready again! I'm sure this is handy for everyone. 

Hope you all had a amazing Christmas and New Year. 


Thursday, 4 December 2014



Christmas exploring in Convent Garden with the one of my closet girlies Livi Preuss (Photographer and MUA.) I was delighted to be a helping hand with her photography university project of Autumn street styling and share these OOTD's with all of you. The markets and street entertainment at Convent Garden have never been better than this time of year. Do visit whether it's for a warm drink or you're on the hunt for pressies!

Layering is Key. When the weather isn't too cold for thermals or too warm for a dress. Layering is the ultimate option. My first OOTD I used my USC jumpsuit and wrapped scarf with a matching nude fedora! This look was smarter than my usual but the material and design was too quality to resist! The following christmas shopping OOTD featuring USC jumper, I decided to go for the brave high knee socks! Cold? Not at all, the layering underneath my winter jumper kept me so cosy. While my little Mulberry treasure poped the colour in this look!

Unfortunately I do not spend my whole life shopping and shooting (as much as i'd too.) While studying, living and travelling, I have begun a new hobby! Radio. At my university Fresh Air is a popular radio station for students and the local area. One night at our union I met a lovely chap called George who now I host a Fashion Show with! Please take a little listen to The Fashion Show on Fresh Air guys and girls! 


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