Sunday, 22 February 2015


Since i've started a fashion blog it has developed into different spectrums of style, mixing the theme with travel and lifestyle. I began blogging at 17, now a year on as i've matured I feel the name doesn't quite fit anymore! As this is a personal blog, I have been thinking into a name that is memorable and more personalised. 

Therefore I need your help!  

I have three options which I would love for you to comment which one you prefer or simply feedback, underneath I have explained why I have chose this. 

1. Notes La Mode

You probably guessed this is my current blog name, something that has got me to where I am now. It was probably best to keep this on the list if the majority vote is too remain the same! I created this because my blog was just going to be notes about fashion, fashion in french is 'La Mode.' So it all fitted perfectly.  

2. Hart

Hart is my mothers maiden name, so this is next level personal to me. It's sharp, snappy and possibly memorable? All of my family have supported me through the blogging journey which I am incredibly grateful for. Originally my blog was meant to be called this but as a youngster I wanted to include 'fashion' into the title. What I love most about 'Hart,' is that includes the word 'art' which is a huge interest and part of the creative fashion world. 

3. Style Hart 

A mixture of the two, 'style hart.' Currently my blog is developing slightly towards my style and not fashion trending. Travelling, lifestyle and my looks, are my style, so overall the world captures what this blog is about today and for the future. 'Hart,' as explained above, is for the same thing, my mothers maiden name. 

Please comment, private message or email me your thoughts. This is something I've been thinking about since late 2014! 

Thank you! xxx

(Photo credit to the wonderful Alix Rae!)


LFW Break at Union Jacks

Between LFW shows, my little dream team and I craved some tasty treats, caffeine and a cheeky glass of wine. We tubed over to convent garden to Jaime Olivers Union Jacks which tabled us immediately and sorted us all out before the next runway! 

I am one of quick and friendly service (aren't we all,) and the staff couldn't have been more lovely. Even though the convent garden restaurant is without walls or ceiling, and is simply a pop up restaurant outside in London, the interior keeps you warm and cosy. Heated around the outside and with blankets to keep you snug,this central London restaurant knows how to make you feel at home. 

As we had a couple of hours spare we relaxed with a few dishes from the starter menu, I feasted on chicken and liver pate with fresh onion salad and chutney on French Toast, while my two girlies enjoyed Roasted Tomato soup with Marmite and cheese toast. I'm not sure whether it is i'm a blogger but the utensils the food is served in, added an extra homely touch! Bravo Jamie Oliver, thank you for this wonderful little stop. x 

Day 1- London Fashion Week

As we wondered into London Fashion Week, I was memorised by the amount of looks captured within the walls of Somerset House. All styles were acceptable from classic to punk to ones I could not even name. 

Fashion week is one of the only places where it's acceptable to snap away at a strangers outfit without hiding behind your camera. Everyone was into everyones look. Anita and I hadn't discussed our OOTD of day one of LFW so our white dresses weren't planned. I think the main comment from our fashion pals was, 'I didn't get the white memo.' We all laughed, I guess when two minds think alike theres no need for discussion.  

OOTD: This wonderful white piece is from TFNC London which is an online retailer, but if you desire to try on the piece, Topshop Oxford Circus has a concession stand containing some of their new collection! Accessorising this look, I accompanied by handy Longchamp tote which was ideal for holding all the days essentials including camera equipment and evening attire. Lastly thank you Zara for allowing me to discover these brown suede heels which remained comfy until the last few hours (impressive for new heels and first time worn!) 



The Catwalk Edit

A pre- London Fashion Week experience

My bestie blogger friend Anita and I were invited to a pre fashion week event, The Catwalk Edit. The event itself took place in Chelsea Town Hall, that held stunning interior with grand, pastel ceilings and chandeliers. I hadn't thought there would be a better venue to contain what this day had to offer.  

During the morning, Anita and I wondered around Chelsea Town and pleasantly discovered the quirkiness of the side streets. They had a conventional Nottinghill feel with an array of coloured houses, so I couldn't resist snapping a few images and my OOTD. 

Afterwards we popped into a stylish coffee shop Joe and the Juice, which I recommend the Lattes and club sandwiches. We were very glad to stumbled across this as we could have a boost to start of this exciting day. 

The Catwalk Edit consisted of two grand halls, the event showcased spring/summer 15 collections from lingerie, swimwear and evening attire. On arrival we were unsure on where and what to look at first, the hall was lit by the vibrant colours of the clothing and glamorous people rushing two and throe.   

Each runway took place on the hour, but as anything in the industry it is always 'fashionably late.' Personally what I loved most about this event, is how all brands, models and photographers were well connected with relaxed vibes. For an industry that is so competitive, it was so wonderful to see harmony and support. Overall the collections were so inspirational, I cannot wait to piece together a summer wardrobe. 



Two of my favourite things are art and breakfast, therefore this post incorporates my two favourites things of last week.


 On the monday I spent some time out of prepping for the madness of fashion week and spent a day with my lovely older sister. Although the temptation to peak around Somerset House led me to a photography exhibition in a different wing of the manor. 

Guy Bourdin, was a french fashion photographer famously known for his work in Vogue Paris and is provocative fashion images. His work displays a radical alternative to fashion photography as he plays with breaking the balance of the conventional. 

If you have a chance to pop down to somerset house this week, visit this exhibition as well be indulged in the madness and glamour of fashion week. 

Address: Strand, London WC2R 1LA


Another adventure which the girls and I embarked on last week was to find the infamous Cereal Killer Cafe. I've never been so amazed by so many different tastes and brands of cereal shipped in worldwide. The girls and I chose to create cereal cocktails accompanied by your choice of flavoured milk! This little wonder can be found on Brick Lane in London and it surrounded by countless shift shops, so you can definitely make a day of it! 


Monday, 16 February 2015


Last Thursday I spent the evening hanging out with Jamie Laing and the team at Candy Kitten HQ. It's launch week for the team, so if your about pop in for a vibrant atmosphere and lots of tasty treats! 

What a wonderful evening the candy kittens threw for the team of bloggers who travelled from all over to check out the new shop in Convent Garden. Candy Kittens encapsulates food and fashion, we just couldn't get enough of the whole vibe. For Anita (from the Stylish Cupcake) and I this was a early valentines treat and Jaime gifted all us blogging girls a valentines box to take back full of fashionable goodies!

If you are ever around, pop down to the HQ store and meet the team who are also as sweet as the products! Or just have'a peak into there online store.



Valentines (Competition!)

One of my favourite locations in London, mostly lies near the banks of the Thames. Over valentines weekend I spent some time in Richmond for sun, strolls and sunday lunch. Typically British food and location, what a wonderful weekend which I thank my boyfriend for, Ryan. 

 I absolutely love sharing competitions from my favourite brands and these are primarily fashion, although recently I have been in contact with Bass Buds. These luxury ear phones are well known for glamour and comfort. There collections range from 'classic' to 'fashion' all high performance and you can accessorise them!  

I encourage you all to take part in the Bass Buds competition, all it involves is you taking part with a loved one, uploading a selfie or favourite image and enter your details! Then possibly you could a wonderful valentines package at your doorstep, containing 24 Carat Gold headphones and a Harvey Nichols shopping trip.  

Good luck 

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