Friday, 19 June 2015

How to have 'LUSH' hair *

 Holiday feelings are high.  It is a couple of days before I hit the South of France,(woooopp!) While packing and sorting my belongings out I decided it was about time I looked into new hair extensions. 

If you didn't know, yes, I am a huge fan of hair extensions and wear them on a daily basis. My main reason to why I use them is of course for length but primarily as while I'm growing my hair out I keep the heat off of my natural hair. As a result my natural hair is healthy, thick and growing long fast! 

When researching online I stumbled across Lush Hair. I hadn't used this brand before and the reviews looked great so I managed to get in contact with them to see if I could share my experience with you girls and guys. 

Before I knew it, the team had colour matched my hair to the most perfect 22 inch extensions. I did this by sending them natural images of my hair and when I received them in the post I was astonished by how accurate they were!

The product was a double weft 100% Remy human hair, 10 piece clip in hair extensions. In all my lookbook images and normal photographs you would presume my hair is naturally long, I always make sure I go for a similar length and colour. Keep it consistent! 

I have never written or posted about my hair before, so this was a little taster. If your interested in more hair related posts, hair extension care, placement or styling. Please comment or email me and let me know! 

I am also in current preparation to film a vlog on hair, keep your eyes pealed!



Thursday, 18 June 2015

DIY| Jewellery Stands and festival head bands

The boho and festival edit 



Today I sat down with my old school friend fern who has always had a great creative and quirky side! This is what I'm really like with my friends, so excuse the giggles. A few days back she mentioned how festival headbands and jewellery stands are so expensive in high street stores and homeware. So we decided to create some cheap ones! 

We based our idea on what we could find in my parents house and left over items from childhood/school. For example old nail vanishes, string and glitter. If you don't have these in your house then they are pretty cheap to find in town or a supermarket.

To save money and time we used flowers and leaves from the garden, however these only last a day (but look great) you can purchase fake flowers in home department stores. I always think it's great to create something and wear it, as it's unique and no one else will have the exact same one! 

Hope you like this different video and drop a comment if you liked the DIY posts and content. Thought I would give it a go. What do you think?

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Top 5 London Fashion Photography Hotspots

Are you in need of some great fashion photography locations?

After countless hours of internet surfing and exploring London, I have put together 5 of my top locations for fashion photography over London. 



Based in West London, this location has plenty of picturesque areas including a open-airy green house, manor house and gardens. Free entry and plenty acres of roam, as you turn each corner there is something very special to photograph. What I love about the house of Chiswick is how spoilt for choice you are for fashion photography hotspots. 





Holland Park is just located off of Kensington's main high street that can be found through giant, black archways. Famous for Japanese botanical gardens, peacocks and cafes. Personally the art found on the building walls is my favourite part of Holland Park. And what's even better, it's completely free entry. 

ADDRESS: Ilchester Place W8 London



Located in North London but easily accessible from the city centre. Hill and pergola gardens are one of London's biggest hidden treasures. A secret garden perfect for fashion photography and out the way of the bustling city life. When working at Pergola you are sure to not be disturbed or no photo bombers (which is great!) 

ADDRESS: N End Way, Greater London NW3 7



Okay, so this location is pretty famous. However I felt as though it should be included into my top 5. This is possibly the most rural COLOURFUL photography spot in London. Although, yes, you will have to fight off other photographers and tourists. I recommend visiting Notting Hill Houses during the week and early in the morning, as this is the off-peak tourist time. 

ADDRESS:Notting Hill West London (obviously.) 



The Royal Borough of London and the home of William, Kate and the new babies! Kensington gardens backs onto Kensington Palace, which is picturesque too and also contains some of the best fashion expeditions in London. The gardens are full of life and colour, that is so capturing on camera. Just explore the location from top to bottom and be sure to explore Hyde Park too (which is joined to Kensington Gardens.)

ADDRESS: Kensington Palace West London


Hope you enjoyed this post! Share with me your favourite photography locations or new suggestions.

Love Georgina x

Monday, 8 June 2015

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award


And no... I didn't roam the mountains like this, in-fact real images are below! Enjoy. 

Our team after our practice expedition. 

Fashion blogger takes on The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. From 2013-2015! 

It all started with sibling rivalry. My oldest sister took part in the gold award from a younger age, our parents were proud and I could see her personal satisfaction and achievement. We are complete opposites, my sister and I. However I motivated myself to prove that I could also complete such a prejudice award. As well maintaining to be dedicated and involved with an award outside of the fashion industry.

Within the duration of the two years, I completed the four vital sections; psychical, skill, residential and voluntary. On top of these sections you have to pass an expedition that was in Snowdonia Wales and the next year complete the same, if not harder, challenge again to qualify. 

Weekly, it was important to dedicate at least four hours  to working on these sections, as well as attending a lesson to learn how to navigate the mountains and plan expedition routes. That is in-fact on top of, managing and working on my blog (Notes La Mode) and completing three A levels to a high standard. It was hectic. And very hard. What I have learnt from the experience, is how much I strive to have a busy lifestyle. If you are comfortable in a job, push harder.. I really believe it's healthy to challenge yourself. 


The true challenge was not the dedication or motivation, it was the expedition. This was the longest section of the award. Every school or college goes to a different location and  as a joined with Shepway in Kent we were taken on a adventure to Snowdonia district in Wales. With all of our belongings, tents, food and survival kits on our backs we opened our directions. We only had our maps and compasses to navigate and with that, we were on our way for four days. 

Teamwork and communication is definitely the most important factor to keeping a happy team. It is a long time to be surrounded, work and live with different people so synergy is vital. I really struggled throughout my time in Snowdonia both mentally and psychically. I was cable to climb, walk up and down peaks of mountains but not enough muscles to carry my weight. Although everyone struggled with their own. I was able to carry on by motivating myself with positive thinking. Our I-pods, energy tablets and sing-alongs were definitely life savers. 

The whole experience was not negative, on the bright side, you meet new people, see beautiful picturesque views and get to explore the outdoors. Even through the rain, wet clothing and camping on cold floors... laughter and chatting keeps you going. 


Everyone told me I would not be able to complete the award. Due to my busy life, interests and psychical shape (as i'm so petite.) So thank you to everyone who stuck by, supported and kept me going! <3

I truly believe if I could complete such a challenging award of this type, anyone can give it a try as before this award I was not the outdoor type. Now I thrive in the countryside, it's a getaway from the busy city where I work in fashion. 

The award is usually targeted at teenagers and young adults. It looks amazing on your CV! I really hope if you are considering starting the award, this article and my youtube vlog below will help you out on making a decision. This is a amazing achievement that will be with you for life. And a benefit is, the award is given by royalty. Cool right? 

Listen and watch me chatting about my experience on Youtube! 
Comment or email me questions below, I'm happy to help out.


Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hello sunny Wednesday's! 

I am not great a goodbyes, I'm not sure who is. But today I waved goodbye to my bestie blogger friend The Stylish Cupcake as she is heading back to her home country of Norway. Although goodbyes are not my forte, I rather enjoyed our last day together with the company of fashion friend, Bethany Park. 

The three of us embarked on finding a lovely cafe for breakfast, in which we were pleasantly surprised when we stumbled across Cafe Toi & Moi in Soho. I really recommend this cafe because the iced coffees are really out of this world. It is down to you to decided which flavour shot to have from almond, caramel.... vanilla. The decor is classic, classy London accompanied by a menu that also channels this ethos. 

Afterwards we wandered down to Hot ! Mess press day on Grape Street. This brand really has me hyped for summer holidays, with bright co-ord sets and bikinis. The collections illuminated the white room in London and matched the colourful iced teas and strawberry cocktails at the bar. 

What better way to introduce a new brand than record my experience...

Have a wonderful day. 



The last two weeks of May have led me to viewing some of the best clothing SS15 collections in central London. On this humid day, I found myself at the House of Fraser HQ wandering around there press rooms of both womenswear and homeware. 

A guide talked us through the new collections and history of the brands to give us a deeper insight into why and how HOF (House of fraser) have selected these items. 

After the event, Anita Fosen (The stylish cupcake) and I wandered down to Selfridges where we picked up some free lunch with a free flash makeover from Dior and then chilled out by the beautiful Marble Arch fountains! A good day? I think so.  

You can also watch my experience below on Youtube: 

Have a wonderful day! xxx
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