Wednesday, 7 October 2015

London's most beautiful Roof Garden

London is full of wonderful places to explore, hang out and work. Although I think I have found one of my favourite locations to relax and it's at the heart of Fenchurch Street. Indoor gardens, yoga classes, a coffee shop and a sky line? The Sky Garden.
I could easily type away and argue this is the most beautiful roof garden in London, it's one of the only locations where theres a panoramic view of London Bridge across the Thames and beyond. Although I understand this is personal opinion you may find  other the roof gardens in London that offer particular things to 'suit your fancy.' 
The Sky Garden for me offers luxurious amenities, my favourite hobby... yoga and coffee among the view of the city. The air is warm and the light is beautiful to shoot my favourite outfits. Today I spent time in CNDirect with this baby blue romper. I absolutely love the marine tones in this particular item, it almost mirrors the outside colourings of the skyline from the indoor garden on a sunny day. Plus the fact that in this little number alongside the exotic gardens, I feel as if i've teleported to a tropical paradise with London city views. Bizarre but wonderful. 
One of my many plans is to explore London and visiting more roof top gardens, but until then... this is a favourite location to hang out, shoot and perhaps the odd yoga sesh. (If I feel like an 5.30 start! EP!)Please let me know your best places in London and I will be sure to make a visit. Enjoy your week! XO


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

'Break the Rules, Christmas 2015'

HOF? House of Fraser celebrates Christmas 2015!

I was delighted to receive a invitation back to the showrooms holding the A/W Christmas collections. A little too soon to get festive? Definitely not, in fact this allowed me to get thinking about christmas gifts. Take a look below for some festive inspiration!

Sparkle, glitter and pink pyjamas! The Stylish Cupcake and I were in our element. Alongside the stunning views of London, a glass of champagne and canap├ęs, we were set to explore the christmas show rooms.   
From this wonderful afternoon I gathered up up top products for men, women and uni-sex gifts! Get festive early this year and have a look at the best presents to buy before the Christmas rush! 

If you have anything to add with the House of Fraser collection, tweet them with the #HOFPRESSDAY hashtag!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sky Garden Yoga

(6am) 'Hello Fenchurch street, now tell me which building in the sky yoga?'
An early start, in the dark, doesn't seem so bad when you pair up with your best friend and head to one of London's most famous sky gardens. 
Head to toe in H&M Sports wear,  The Stylish Cupcake and I wandered up to the Sky Garden Yoga on Fenchurch Street. This was my first ever time trying out a yoga class so I was pretty nervous about doing it at the prestigious sky garden... 35 floors up above central London. But it was AMAZING. 
First, the location. A tranquil setting with a 360 panoramic view of central London. Breathtaking. The class began at 6.30 so we could watch the slow, September sun rise over the bustling city. 
Yoga is about being at one with your body. Taking time out of your busy lifestyle to focus on yourself and how you feel. With the therapeutic surroundings that was a combination of music, location, clothing and atmosphere. I was able to find a peaceful mind set to focus on breathing and relaxation. My ordinary lifestyle consist of operating Noteslamode, university and two other jobs. This opportunity felt so important to me and to do this with such a amazing girl like Anita (from The Stylish 
When looking at the physical side, my body really surprised me I could do positions I didn't realise I could and hold them for a few long breaths. "You'll be doing head stands in two more sessions." My instructor smiled. It looks like that healthy eating and busy, active lifestyle has paid off. But it only took this session to appreciate what I have been doing in my life. 

To help you focus on your life and breathing, the instructor tells you to concentrate on someone or something particular in your life that you love and cherish. Or someone you'd love to give strength too. I channeled my energy to my mother, who is not herself lately and (queue the corn) focused on Ryan, my boyfriend who is everything to me. If you have ever or do yoga on a basis you find that focusing on a particular thing, enables you to have strength and do things that you never thought you could. 

After the session my body felt relaxed and exercised, I really think I underestimated what a great work out yoga is. Hello new hobby! 

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Sky Garden, be sure to visit! 

If your in the London area and know of any great yoga locations, please comment below and share with everyone. Or not even yoga, where and how do you relax. Do you go on a walk, massages or particular coffee shops? Please share girls and guys!

With love xx


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The September Lookbook

I have been feeling very organised at the beginning on this month and so excited to create my first ever monthly Look-book! To do this, I teamed up with the amazing Evin Yalcin (the girl famous for hair growth on Youtube...A-MAZING.)We both have different styles so we created two videos, Evin video can be found here.
When putting these looks together I tried to include some fresh, new brands I have discovered within the past month. These include the cool trendy, online retailer* and chic, classy Miriam Salat!*  
I hope you love this video as much as I had fun creating it.


Friday, 4 September 2015

My top three London hotspots for smoothies!

I am forever craving smoothies. So I guess other people must be too? London is full of quirky places to grab a quick drink to go, however I have a couple of favourites to share who have a niche for the fruity, fresh smoothie! 


Colourful and vibrant. Neal's Yard is a hidden away treasure in the heart of the famous Covent Garden. I only discovered this myself the other day when lost. Neal's Yard is a square full of quirky cafes and a shop tucked between towering London buildings and can only be accessed by small alley ways. Amazing eh? There is a organic food bar in the corner that serves fresh smoothies all day long! Definitely pop down... the atmosphere is amazing. 


A trendy place to sip on smoothies. Located next to the beautiful Holland Park is Down To Earth. This location is perfect for vegan and vegetarian food as well as contemporary dining. (£!) The prices are reasonable considering the area and beautiful setting that has great relaxing vibes! 

Call them the smoothie experts. Juice Tonic knows a lot about whats good for your body and mind. There slogan, 'It's not just Juice, it's good for your health!' The great thing about this brand is that they have their own stores as well as sold in retail food outlets. Have'a look into their main website and see what you think.


Friday, 28 August 2015

'Tell us more about Boho Chic'

I cannot believe this, it's the end of August? Already?! I feel like I have blinked and summer has happened so fast. So I feel like it is time to reminisce on my favourite style of the summer so far, 'boho chic!'

This trend tends seems to make it's way into every summer for the past few years. The term 'boho chic' is a mix of hippie influences and the bohemian style. The trend was particularly associated with model Kate Moss and actress Sienna Miller since the early 1990's. Even before these two fashion icons of our generation, you would think the care-free 1960's would have begun this trend. But no! History shows that even in the mid-to-late 19th century women who were creatives such as painters and poets have been documented wearing relativity bohemian pieces. So this trend really dates back. 

Throughout the years the trend has resurfaced and from time to time can be seen in various disguises and has been modernised to suit the changing market. Take a look at my take on boho chic for the city. It's summery but sophisticated. So perfect for a stroll in central London. However it's not something someone in the 1960's would have associated this with the iconic style.  

So why has boho chic been so popular? 

It encapsulates the care-free and airy vibes that all summer months or holidays should bring. Nowadays, you can even find glamorous evening wear that is classed as boho chic. Check out my dress below from ASOS.

What are your thoughts on Boho Chic, I really want to know to create a great mood board of Boho Chic fashionista opinion (yes it will be a real thing!!)

With love, Notes La Mode. x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What do fashion bloggers do?

Creatives, you can look away now. This may seem to be a pretty basic and simple post. However from time to time I always get asked what I actually do. Or what do bloggers do? 
Occasionally people presume we model or are writers. Or we just have have fancy social media accounts. Well we kind of do all those things but there's far more to it than you think. 

To simplify what we do...
  • Bloggers spend a vast amount of time researching information, trends or related topics to their blog style. This could take hours or minutes depending on the post. 
  • Running a blog is 24/7 hobby/career, it takes over your daily life. OR it is your daily life. 
  • We spent a while figuring out what our demographic would like to read. We research to find out what captures your attention and what is enjoyable or an interesting post. We do this by inspecting analytics via Google accounts or monitoring popular topics. 
  • To ensure the highest quality content we work on creating great visual imagery to support our written or video work. This could take half a day collaborating with a photographer or creating your own photos. 
  • And after the photos, comes the editing. Of both written, video or visual work. (1-2 hours.)
  • WE COLLABRATE! (Yay-this is the part I love!)Bloggers promote and advertise brands that we love, to channel the same ethos of our blog. This could be product placement on our social medias, reviews or a sponsorship. 
  • We run on affiliate programs or sponsorship by your interaction with our accounts! 
  • Finally we spent a while mastering the internet, coding websites or make the whole blog a user friendly and interactive experience for our readers. 

Blogging comes in all shapes and forms from fashion to travel to a blog that can help you work out what a mortgage is. Notes La Mode (my blog) is a personal style blog that covers aspects of beauty, travel and fashion. 

I spent some time summing up what bloggers do on Youtube, towards the end of this video you can see some behind the scenes footage of a bloggers on a photo shoot! ENJOY! XX

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